Preacherhead Ministries
Since 2006 Preacherhead Ministries has conducted a Friday night
Bible Study Conference Line.  The conference began with five people
and has now blossomed into a National Conference Line where people
from all over the United States call in to hear the Word of God taught
from the Bible.

As a mission sent by God Preacherhead went to Zimbabwe Africa for
duration of 30 days. Pastor Stevie Robinson journeyed to Zimbabwe
to teach the brothers and sisters there the truth about God. This
experience was life changing and an amazing eye-opener. While in
Zimbabwe Preacherhead established a reputation with the National
Radio Station and TV Platforms in the country.  Moreover, Pastor
Stevie and his team still conducts the National Live Friday Night Bible
Study Conference Class every Friday night at 9pm CST which airs LIVE
on You Tube and Facebook.

OM Productions has been working with Preacherhead from the start,
helping with media outreach and other special productions. What the
People Think is a person on the street interview series that asks a
variety of people what they think about a particular biblical question.
Some of the answers are funny, some enlightening, some intriguing
but all are real and unrehearsed.  Click on the picture above to see a
sample of the first episode.

Click on the images below to see other programs OM has produced
for Preacherhead Ministries and find out more about this dynamic
move of the spirit by visiting