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Video Production
Graphic Art Design
Multi-media Workshops
Jazz in the Alley®
The explosion of social media and portable cameras has
transformed the way we live, work and play.

Consumers expect, no, demand visually compelling media when
looking for a service provider or product.  Consumers also demand
a message that is accessible and speaks to their interests in a
clear simple manner.

OM Productions International is your one-stop shop to conceive,
create, produce and distribute your message to your target
We understand how confusing this "new media" thing can
be. Call today for a free consultation

Video Production
We specialize in working with community agencies,
non-profits, schools and small businesses that usually
lack the media budget to tell the best story possible.

From a simple one minute promotional video to full
coverage of a conference or major event we can help you
realize your vision on time and on budget with an impact
worthy of your efforts.

Graphic Art Design
Fliers, posters, banners and much more.  We can do
the design and help you through any phase of the
production process that your project requires.

Multi-media Workshops
Want to raise the media skills of your staff.  How about a
workshop for young people that culminates in a finished
production.  Need a dynamic speaker to bring a powerful
message to your target audience. We can tailor programs
and presentations to meet your needs.

Jazz in the Alley®
OM Productions was founded in 1981 by the late
community activist Oshunyomi Mugwana to document
community events and preserve the rich heritage of

Oshun is best known for her work in preserving the
tradition of Jazz in the Alley® an impromptu jazz club
started on the South Side by retired auto mechanic Pops
Simpson in his three car garage in the 1950s.

The Alley Club ended in 1979 and Oshun picked up the
banner by producing an annual festival celebrating Jazz
in the Alley®.  

Today, we in turn carry on her legacy and the legacy of
Jazz in the Alley® with a series of programs designed to
preserve the cultural integrity of Bronzeville and similar
communities across the globe.